Seed Production, Seed Processing and Seed Stock Management

Field Inspection (FIR) Mobile App

High End FIR App enabling better control on Field Inspection

State of Art MIS Reports

Production Program, Stock, Quality, Seed Sales & Marketing Reports

Salient Features of SEEDSGROW-ERP

Real time Monitoring and Assessment of Seed Production

Implements Best Quality Control practices

Ensures Higher Seed Production

Efficient Sales and Marketing

Highly Integrated Centralized ERP System for Effective Decision Making

Improves the Financial Credibility of an Organization

Strengthens the Farmer services and relationships

HHD devices facilitate for weighment process at Weigh Bridge sending realtime information directly to central server

Helps Seed Certification Agencies (SCA) and field Supervisors to Monitor and Tracking of Seed Lot numbers at all stages of Production process

Encrypted ERP software with secure data

Promotes Organization readiness for future developments

ERP Modules

Modules of SEEDSGROW ERP Software



“SEEDSGROW-ERP” is an Innovative Agro Software developed by Htag Digitaltech Private Limited to take care of all processes and operations in the seed production life cycle of Seeds Development Companies and Corporations. It is at its best in providing necessary information to all its stakeholders for planning and decision making across the departments and branches of an Organization, which also supports to perform Operations and Management in an efficient and Systematic way.